123Brickell interviews realtor Nancy Batchelor


Nancy Batchelor has $513 million in sales since she became a realtor back in 2003. She earned the EWM international Realty’s top spot in 2014, 2015 and 2016 for most units closed in EWM’s Miami Beach office. She is an expert in marketing and has a depth knowledge of the luxury lifestyle.

Why did you decide to join the Real Estate business?

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in advertising and I’ve chosen a career in real estate because I want to do something meaningful and important for others, something as vital as helping people build a home here and also my family has been part of the homes and sales business all their life. I’m really lucky because I really love my job. Real Estate is about people, family and design and those are things I love.

Why Miami? What do you like the most of this city?

I’m a specialist in waterfront and camp houses, my two passions are boating and horses which are perfect for South Florida, when I’m with my clients I show them the best fishing spots and I also do equestrianism so I can find the best properties for their horses.

How is your daily routine?

My daily routine follows a schedule, I wake up, go to the gym then I’m usually at the office by 8 am but I always find time to make the things that sometimes the work don’t let me do, I serve on the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden and I try to do the most for the community, somehow I think is part of my job to participate in the community to get close, that is very important for me.

How would you define success?

You have to get the passion and the energy, and get to know what are the abilities of the people who work with you, I think part of my success is because of my team they help me a lot, they are a great team, you have to be consistent and also have a good marketing campaign that is very important in this business.

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