Miami among the elite of the most important cities for investment

Miami is one of the six largest cities to invest in real estate worldwide.

Shanghai, Hong Kong, London, Dubai and New York, and the city of Florida are in the exclusive list.

Miami also holds the title of the second financial capital of the nation, behind the Big Apple.

A report of reports that previously the main buyers of real estate in Miami were latin and from the north of the country. Now, there are more citizens from Russia, France, Italy, Dubai, Japan, etc., regardless of the Latin countries that continue to buy in large scale.

Proof of its popularity is that in just three years, the price per square foot has risen 38% in value.

The 72.23% of the inventory of projects under construction have been sold, and with 50% of deposits delivered. Only in the area of ​​Brickell and Biscayne the figures increase to 80%, where demand is more than 1,900 units per year, but throughout the Miami area demand exceeds 4,700 per year.

In the Magic City, “all types of properties are selling well and fast, always generating a gain no matter the cost, provided they have a good location and the selling price according to market this” summarizes the text.

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