Miami Beach Pop Festival, the new Coachella?


As usual, every single year, several music festivals take place in Miami. They have an important meaning in terms of tourism because they represent one of the most important attractions of that city.

Many famous people attend these festivals, some to enjoy them as part of the public, and some others to perform.

According to Miami New Times, the most popular music festivals celebrated in South Florida are Okeechobee & Arts Festival, 9 Mile Music Festival, Ultra Music Festival, Tortuga Music Festival, Afro Roots Music Festival, SunFest, Rolling Loud Festival, Overtown Music and Arts Festival, III Points, and House of Creatives Music Festival.

Coachella Fest is maybe the best music festival in the United States, and it is celebrated for three days in Indio, California. There, people can listen to different musical genres such as alternative rock, hip-hop, electronic, among others. The festival owes its popularity to the kind of music that is played and the particular 70’s hippie dressing. It attracts a lot of music and movie stars, and also, the famous angels of Victoria’s Secret.

Perhaps, this year in South Beach could be celebrated a three-day music festival similar to Coachella Fest: Miami Beach Pop Festival. According to The Miami Herald, it would be something like a “Miami’s version of Coachella”, and it is expected to attract about 30,000 a day during the weekend after Art Basel.

Miami is a crowded city not only for all those amazing music festivals but also, for its real estate market, shopping malls, beautiful beaches, theme parks, street food and its unique multi-cultural diversity.

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