MMiami real estate market cautious before the new legislative majority in Venezuela

According to Mansion Global, real estate markets especially in Madrid and Miami are on guard. The international real estate benefited from years of economic eclien of the South American country and the state of political tension and high crime, making venezuelans seek shelter in other countries.

Madrid, and Miami were the main beneficiaries, but the new legislative majority potentially removes reason for emigration.

In the case of Florida, the group of homebuyers with foreign nationality is led by venezuelans, in Miami-Dade County, 26% of real estate buyers are venezuelan, 72% prefers condominiums, while 21% choose family houses.

The publication quotes the venezuelan inmigrant Francisco Angulo, manager of COldwell Banker Residential Real Estate in Coconut Gorv, for whom the legislative opposition victory should not lead to claim victory and prefers to wait and see what happens in 2016

Masoud Shojaee, president of the real estate company Shoma, who has worked with Venezuelan clients for 15 years, says the who is in power is not important, becaise people should always have a plan B in case something goes wrong.

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